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To help business owners leverage their financial information to make 

more informed decisions, meet goals and improve their quality of life.

Let’s be realistic….

If you end up reading through this entire website, then you’re here for a reason.

There is something holding you back and keeping you from your aspirations. 

In other words – you’re not making enough profit or you’re not spending enough time with your family. 

It’s time to make the commitment to push through to the path of change.  

If you’re not willing to commit yourself to change then you can stop here. 


If you’re ready to commit to the time and investment it takes to change,

then I look forward to talking with you soon…  CTR

Business Growth

& Profitability

Business Growth & Profitability

BEFORE: Why am I working so hard to break-even??

AFTER: Maximize your growth potential and enjoy the profits and extra time for you


Digital Accounting Back-Office

BEFORE: Hire, train, fire, hire, quit, hire, train, etc

AFTER: Utilize the concept of back-office accounting.  From bookkeepers to CFO. We work with our business partners to put the right mix of experience in place at a fraction of the cost of hiring the different levels of experience needed to meet goals


Exit Strategies

BEFORE: I'll figure it out when it's time to retire

AFTER: Find your "Freedom Point" and plan your exit under your terms


Get Started - Next Steps

Chris is the ultimate professional. He is knowledgeable, industrious and meticulous. He is everything a person wants and is looking for in an accountant. As an attorney, I refer all of my clients to Chris as he has my utmost confidence of a job well done.

- Christopher, RIDGEFIELD

The Freedom Point: This eBook will help you calculate your Freedom Point, which is when work becomes a choice, not a necessity
Personal Readiness to Exit Score. You built an amazing business... Now What?  This 8-minute online questionaire evaluates your readiness
The Rainmaker's Dilemma:
Revenue stagnates and business value plateaus, forcing owners to confront the Rainmaker's Dilemma
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